Rumswinger is a vigorously charismatic live electronic outfit dripping with talented individuals who combine in a carnivalesque expression of deep electro beats layered with french guitar licks, fat bass lines and a bristling horn section. The diversity of their musical backgrounds merge to create a unique style and character that is unforgettably infectious.

This 4 piece outfit boasts the entrancing and energetic Carla on lead vocals, Simon on Saxophones, Callum on Bass & Marne ‘King Louie’ behind the decks punching out the big and bruising back-beats.

web.       http://www.rumswinger.com/

inst.        https://www.instagram.com/rumswinger/

face.       https://www.facebook.com/Rumswinger/

video.     https://youtu.be/cII5vHH0Jsk (tour)