Jacques Le Sueur

Jacques Le Sueur

Jacques has performed in ludicrously extreme places in 50+ countries, everywhere from nightclubs in Hollywood to Theme Parks in Korea. He’s even done magic inside the Pyramids of Cairo…

He’s been robbed, stabbed, shot at, learned to shoot an AK47 with Warlords and child soldiers in the Congolese jungle, stolen Nelson Mandela, the King of Dubai and Margaret Thatcher’s watches from their arms without their knowing, eaten dog, monkey and snake in Asia, swum with dolphins in Mozambique, eaten fie in Edinburgh, lived with Bedouins in the deserts around Dubai, drunk vodka with Siberian soldiers, been chased down a riverbank by an angry crocodile in Central Africa, arm-wrestled a Russian Mafi boss, learned pickpocketing techniques from Algerian pickpockets, had lunch with a NASA astronaut, lived with a Mexican highdiving team in Korea, been set on fie by drug addicts in San Francisco, crowdsurfed over 500 000 people at Glastonbury Festival and been knocked unconscious by a 90 year old woman in Scotland.

Whether a corporate dinner or a private party, he’s looking forward to amazing and entertaining guests at your next event. Get in touch today.

“The President would like to express his sincere gratitude to you for returning his watch.” Secretary to State President Nelson Mandela
“…Jacques le Sueur, acknowledged as Africa’s leading corporate magician, fles the world entertaining at society parties and high-end corporate events …he’s has performed live for well over two and a half million people … his magic has mesmerised stars like Beyonce, Sting and several Royal Families…” Refiwe Moiloa :: SABC News International
“…Thank you very much for a wonderful event on New Year’s Eve. As always our guests were both challenged and charmed by your talents!! With gratitude, as always…” Sir Mark & Lady Margaret Thatcher

Jacques accepts a limited number of engagements to perform for select groups. Groups size and other qualifications and restrictions may apply.