DJ Smashy aka Sam

DJ Smashy aka Sam

Appropriately described as vibrant and soulful, Dj Smashy brings to the tables a smooth mixing style, mixing various genres his first love genre being RnB and Soul, giving listeners a unique flavour of hybrid beats and rhythms.

He has an uncanny ability to transition to some of the hottest and rarest multi-genre hits from Ol skool RnB/hip hop, soul/funk/house to old school throwbacks.Smashy’s versatility is second to none and his distinct sound emanates a vibe that leaves no dance floor empty.

With over 8 years of experience, his talents have been heard and observed at many noteworthy venues and events such as Rhapsodys, Europa Groove lounge, Blueroom, Aura, Alba
lounge, Blaque, GoodHope Fm (guest dj) amongst others. Currently, he hold residencies at the following venues Cubana Greenpoint, Cubana Tableview, Tigers Milk Kloof Street, LaParada Century City, LaParada Bree Street, Souk Cpt, Ayepyep Cpt.

Smashy’s strategy for success is simple; he feels the pulse of the crowd and connects their emotions to tracks that elevate those feelings.Combine flawless mixing with a powerful party presence and it is no wonder why promoters and venues keep booking, crowds listening he
keeps on smiling.