DJ Marne G aka King Louis

DJ Marne G aka King Louis

As both a lifelong multi-instrumentalist and skilled dance floor commander, King Louie, has perfected the art of setting the vibe using his beats. Let King Louie be your musical maestro who takes your party to the next level with his dynamic jam selections that dish up some tantalizing tunes for everyone.

A purveyor of good times who sets the mood with the finest curation of tracks from his eclectic and expansive music catalog, he always keeps the dance floor hot and creates nights that are never soon forgotten.

King Louie is more than a DJ; he’s an impassioned groove master with an infectious smile whose mission is ensuring that everyone is having the time of their life when he’s behind the decks orchestrating the musical journey.

Call on King Louie to create the perfect ambiance at your next event using sound.