Carla Louw

Carla Louw

Solo Jazz / Blues vocalist with backtracks or live instruments / band

Her powerful voice, magnetic beauty and dynamic stage presence are all exquisite punches to the senses. Carla grew up on the stage and has been singing for as long as she’s been walking. She is a born performer and is as comfortable singing jazz as she is belting out rock and blues. Carla made it through as a finalist on idols SA.  She has performed & fired up some of the hottest stages around the world, from likes of Amsterdam, Berlin, Tokyo-Japan, Philippines, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Seychelles and Namibia. Wether its weddings on rooftops or festivals in the meadows, she knows how to swing an evening into the perfect setting.

what a wonderful world / song link – https://soundcloud.com/cocololive/what-a-wonderful-world

fly me to the moon / song link – https://soundcloud.com/cocololive/fly-me-to-the-moon

to love someone / song link – https://soundcloud.com/cocololive/to-love-somebody-bee-gees-cover

my baby just cares / video link – https://youtu.be/1-0hy-79F_k