DJ Skai

I’m Jean Luc Loutchia, known as Dj-Skai Professional Dj

Club/events/ Radio Dj. I started my career late 2010 as a Dj and sound audio technician. I am a well spoken, articulate and professional DJ with a clear voice, I have excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and co-ordination and have experience of working in different types of sceneries from clubs to various functions. I am able to stay calm under pressure, work to strict deadlines as well as interact with the audience.

Genres of music: i play everything 100% well but my preferences

are based on: Hip-Hop,R&B,OldSchool,Dancehall, Trap,Twerk hits,

Commercial house, French music, Afrobeat and any types Of African music


Based: in South Africa (Cape Town)