MUZIKI is 3 piece Cape Town based outfit that consist of a dj , live percussionist & saxophonists .Together this trio conjures up An amalgamation of traditional Afro-Cuban Jazz rhythms mixed with ancestral afro house which includes traditional North,South,East & West-African rhythms with inspiration from Brazilian and Asian folklore .

Breaking the boundaries of traditional club dj and live band vintage sound these guys have found a niche of entertainment that is truly fresh and entertaining . The trio’s eclectic background merges the sophistication of chilled soul breaks and the warm and sultriness of ancestral sexy-afro house with the heart and honesty of Soul and funky jazz . using music and story telling to heal and inspire UBUNTU.

Mamba and the Afro-Fusionists embraces a connection through an art form that blurs the line between different descent taste ,commercial and non commercial music whilst uniting all in the spirit of of love and community.
As these talented characters are also well marketed individually, they constantly booked out so getting the opportunity to see and experience their talent is an must see .