When you set your budget for your Wedding, make sure to stick to your budget – we know it’s difficult to say “No to the dress” instead of “Yes to the dress” that is way over your budget. If you know how much you are going to be spending from the beginning, you will be less tempted to spend more than you have.


Every bride has an idea of what her ideal Wedding should be and believe me it can change in a second! You might one minute want a designer Wedding dress with a fancy sit down dinner and the next a classic, simple Wedding dress with a “make your own burger bar!” Whatever the “dream” is, if there is something that you really want, figure out how much it is from the beginning so that it fits into your budget so that you don’t spend too much money before adding that really special element and then not being able to have it.

  1. DIY

With Pinterest at everyone’s dispense, it is so easy to be able to make your own Wedding Decorations, planning and food, yourself. If you are not very creative just remember that you do have an army of bridesmaids or family members that should have some creative bones in their bodies to help you figure it out! There are also lots of Youtube Tutorials that can help as well!

Sometimes when all else fails you will need to hire an Event company to help with the décor which we at Next Dimension Entertainment can help with as well – we are a complete Wedding & Event Entertainment Solution who offer affordable Wedding Packages  – check it out https://nextdimension.capetown/wedding-packages/


We all know that Honeymoons can be very expensive – they don’t have to be. We believe it’s not worth going into debt to go on an expensive trip – rather save that for your anniversary 10 years down the line! However going on a trip is the “dream” and there are many affordable vacations out there – check on TripAdvisor, Airbnb, there are so many options so do your research and make sure to stay within the budget!, this goes for guests that need to stay over during your Wedding as well.


Wedding invitations can also be very expensive but these days there are so many ways you can make them more affordable. You can design them yourself using programs like Canva.com and print them at home or at an affordable printing outlet. You can also make your own Invitations if you are full of creativity and have the time, you can also enlist family members and friends to help you out and make a day of it. You could also use an Evite and go full Digital instead of having them made – there are some pretty cool options to choose from out there and it can save you a lot in the long run.


It can be very pricey to invite everyone you know to your Wedding and we know it is quite difficult to leave people out as well but if you want to keep within that budget, sometimes sacrifices need to be made – especially if it’s a second cousin that you haven’t seen in about 20 years and if you are wanting a fancy sit down dinner then you will definitely need to make the tough decision of making that list smaller. You can save a lot of money inviting important friends and close family –  this means less food costs, perhaps a smaller venue and you spend less on invitations and possibly travel if you need to fit the bill. Be very aware – you might hurt feelings, it is inevitable.


You don’t need to have your Wedding in a huge expensive reception hall. These places are nice but often come with specific stipulations such as having to use all of their service providers for the Wedding. Search for different locations, there are most certainly some magical and fun places to choose from and won’t cost you a ton. Contact us at Next Dimension Entertainment for advice on affordable locations should you need it as we have done A LOT of Weddings and can help with your planning according to your budget.


Certain times of the year and certain days of the week are considered the “hot” Wedding days. If you can avoid it, don’t get married during those times. By having your Wedding “off season” you will likely find better pricing and availability, but this of course depends on the area you live in and the weather climate you have, wherever you are in the world.


Everyone knows someone, ask around for recommendations on the different elements for your Wedding – we at Next Dimension Entertainment have built up great relationships with suppliers in the event industry getting the best possible pricing for quality furniture hire (cocktail and dinner furniture), Bedouin tents and more. We strive to provide a one stop service at fantastic prices.


There are so many specials that companies have for Weddings and Event Entertainment – keep your eyes and ears open for those great packages and specials available out there. We have a great “Dream Wedding Special” Package available, check it out  – https://nextdimension.capetown/wedding-packages/

When it comes to your perfect wedding day, you want to be 110% sure that you have the right company taking care of your entertainment and event. We provide a complete all-in-one solution with not only wedding entertainment, but audiovisual equipment & infrastructure, catering, bar solutions & staffing, photography and so much more. Whatever your needs, leave it to us!