November 23, 2016

Meet Classic Revival

Classic Revival was formed in early April 2013 by guitarist and singer Keegan Williams and pianist Daniel Croeser after securing a regular gig at The Piano Bar in Cape Town. With just a week to establish three hour-long sets, rehearsals began and Classic Revival was established. Within a few months, Classic Revival expanded to include the bass backing of David Raath and by August 2013, David became a fulltime member of the band. In 2014, Classic Revival was booked to perform for Komatsu South Africa and Adrian Fowler was added on drums, completing the four-piece. The four members met at college in 2011, and performed with each other in various bands and configurations, although never all together at the same time. Even so, the synergy between their various playing styles were felt and remembered, making the formation of Classic Revival effortless.

Together, Classic Revival has performed at The Piano Bar, Slug and Lettuce at The River Club, Dizzy’s, The City Bowl Market, The Root 44 Market, The Range Food Market and at dozens of other venues, weddings and private and corporate events. We have also been interviewed on UCT Radio, Radio Helderberg, Bush radio and have performed on CTV.

The band has a large repertoire of over one hundred blues, rock, jazz and pop covers that include everything from Johnny Cash to Rihanna. In 2015 Classic Revival began to write, rehearse and perform original songs and received very positive feedback.


Keegan Williams

From a young age, I have always been captured and intrigued by music. In school, I thrived in many forms of the arts and formed part of youth cover bands, choirs, and original bands. After graduating from high school, I decided to pursue music as a career and received my qualifications in contemporary vocals and guitar in 2013. While studying, I formed and led numerous bands before establishing Classic Revival in my third year, along with David Raath and Daniel Croeser. Since April 2013, we have maintained success in the industry and have played consistently for many events and venues. Since November 2014, with the addition of Adrian of drums, we have not only perfected our sound, but created one that is unique to Classic Revival. This great sound and musical variety has helped us to grow and expand our boundaries in the industry. In recent years I have also put countless hours and effort into writing and establishing myself as an

original artist, and with the fine musicians that I work with, I am sure I will I find success for myself and for Classic Revival. I have confidence that we will continue to succeed as a strong unit in this industry.


Daniel Croeser

I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven years old, beginning with classical training through ABRSM, before learning blues and jazz improvisation with ANZCA. I’ve since learned how to play the guitar too, which allows our group to add diversity in the types of songs we can play in Classic Revival. In 2015, I began to sing some of my own songs with the band which added a new dynamic to our music and versatility.

I feel that Keegan, David, Adrian and I have a strong friendship, work ethic and shared musical intuition that makes our playing free and effortless in a way that lends itself to creative development of our songs both on and off stage. Since we started performing together, we’ve developed well as a group and have had incredibly positive reactions to the music that we’ve played. Our strongly varied musical backgrounds and listening impact our music in a special way, with each member bringing something new to the table to create our particular sound.


David Raath

I am a professional, Capetonian musician who studied music at the Campus of Performing Arts in Cape Town from 2011-2013. I have also been a music teacher and music business teacher at Legacy School of Music in Table View.

I have been playing the bass guitar
since the age of 15 and have grown
up listening to artists and bands such
as Sting, The Eagles, Don Mclean, Eric
Clapton and Stevie Wonder. I have
also been influenced by modern artists such John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Esmeralda Spalding, Jamie Cullum and many more.

I’ve played with various artists and bands such as Sam Jam and JonnyGuy, Tanglewood and have also done studio session work around Cape Town. I take my experience with me wherever I go and enjoy meeting and playing with many different people.

With my extensive knowledge of many styles, and continued study of the bass guitar and vocals, I strive to improve technically and be seen as the foundation and groove of Classic Revival.


Adrian Fowler

I have been playing drums for a little over 14 years. Having studied contemporary drumming for 5 years after school, I am now a full-fledged working musician having been actively involved in several bands and musical projects for the last 6 years. I am a session artist as well as a studio recording drummer, and most importantly, a live performance drummer. I am currently the drum teacher at Bishops Diocesan College as well as Grove primary.

I have been playing with Classic Revival for the past two years. It has been a great musical journey for me and is such a pleasure playing with such talented musicians in the band. I look forward to many more shows with Classic Revival.

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