August 30, 2016

Meet Chapterz

Chapterz is a band which was formed in year (2012) by five young passionate artists hailing from Gugulethu, which had the same influence of Music and vision of telling a stories of their community through music and to bring joy into the lives of people with different chapters of life and perspectives, yet spreading the gospel of music in different forms. Chapterz focuses not only on one genre but different genres of music such as Jazz standards, African jazz, Funk, Gospel, House and R&B Music.

At an early stage as the band, Chapterz had the opportunity to stage in various occasions and functions such as playing live music on EXPRESSO (a show on TV) for one of the most amazing female jazz vocalist “Nono Nkoane”, Mid2013 chapterz also performed at the workshop youth jazz concert hosted by International Cape Town Jazz festival and many more concerts around our community including local jam sessions. Recently we performed in a wedding hosted by IDO4U wedding company (2015) and in a 50th birthday of Patrick Godana an activist.

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